Realigning teeth using traditional or transparent brackets is easier and more attractive than ever. Overlapping teeth make it difficult to maintain good oral health. The also affect the appearance and functioning of the mouth, and may lead to cavities and gum problems in the long run. A beautiful smile helps boost self-esteem. Sometimes, orthodontic devices may be needed to realign a young patient’s jaw.


Invisalign : A revolutionary technique for realigning your teeth

A new orthodontic solution using clear, removable aligners has come onto the market in recent years making it possible to gently realign your teeth. This technology makes even those most resistant to traditional orthodontic treatments happy because it corrects your alignment without impacting your appearance.

We begin by making a 3D virtual model of your dentition using a program specifically designed for this purpose. The model makes it possible to show you in advance how your teeth will move during treatment. This data is then used by the laboratory to manufacture a series of customized, flexible plastic aligners. The aligners are virtually invisible and are changed about every two weeks until all of your teeth are in the desired position. It is important that the aligners be worn as much as possible during the day and at night in order to keep the length of the treatment to a minimum.

Here are the main benefits of the Invisalign technology:

  • Discreteness of the aligners
  • No wires or bands that injure soft tissue
  • Total length of treatment is usually shorter
  • Possibility of removing the aligners when brushing, flossing and during meals

Invisalign aligners offer increased comfort, reducing the small discomfort felt when starting each new aligner to just two or three days. The slight pressure felt is due to the gradual movement of your teeth to the desired position. You may also have some minor speech issues during the first few days after getting your new aligners but this will disappear as your tongue gets used to them.

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Here are the main benefits of the Spark technology: